Why do you have to use the driver service to go home from the airport

Many people today tend to use public taxi transfers to get to and from the airport. They do this to save money and because they think it will make them home faster. But, is this true?

Public transportation

When using public transportation as your airport transfer, you pretty much take your trip to your own hands and many can be wrong. You really risk don’t make your flight at all.

First of all, public transport can depend on the weather. If you order a train to get to the airport, you can wake up on the morning traveling and finding that the train dies because the track is frozen. If you have a morning flight, you might not have time to reset your flight with an airline, or set the elevator from someone else.

Now, you can order a train and everything goes smoothly, you are on the train and you’re on my way. Then, disaster attacks. You almost arrived and something was wrong on the track. There may be other trains that are jammed or someone can be on track. What would you do? You are stuck on the train, you can’t go down there and you might not have a signal on your mobile. How will you call the airport and change your flight?


You might think that you will be fine and you can call a taxi on the morning flight, but what London chauffeurs happens if a taxi is busy? They will not give you priority just because you have a flight, you have to wait your turn and not guaranteed that you will do a flight.

What about on the way home? When you get to the airport, there will be a taxi rank in all places. Taxis will queue there to get their customers, but this does not mean that you will immediately get it. More likely you have to wait in the queue.

You might think that you don’t mind waiting in the queue, but how long does it take? If you have just experienced a remote flight, then you will be tired and you will be annoyed. You will not want to stand in the queue.

Taxi fares to and from the airport are not cheap. The meter will turn on and if you stay away from the airport, you have to pay a lot of money to go home. Not to mention the driver will expect a pretty tip above.


The only other alternative is to get a bus. It will be much cheaper and if you have booked your ticket, there will be a bus waiting there when you get there. However, cheaper does not mean better.

You will be on a bus with almost 50 other people, if the bus is full. If you live the farthest, you have to stop at all other people’s houses before you even go home. This can add several hours to your trip.

Ask yourself, whether you will pay extra money for the driver driven by the driver, to prevent adding extra time to travel, waiting to get a taxi, and reduce the pressure of public transport. When you think about it, the answer is more likely.