Why are NCERT Books the Best Material among CBSE Students?

NCERT is an organization of the government of India established in the year 1961. The main agenda of NCERT was to frame and support a common system of education across the country. NCERT Books for Class 12 provide accurate answers to all the questions of the textbook based on the CBSE board. The CBSE syllabus for all the classes are in accordance with the NCERT curriculum. Hence, students who practice textbook problems following NCERT Solutions will definitely score high marks in final exams.

The solutions are designed in a simple and lucrative manner to help students solve the CBSE problems with ease. These solutions are well structured by expert teachers that further makes learning and understanding of concepts an easy task. The questions in most of the competitive exams or common entrance tests for admissions in Engineering institutes are formulated as per the syllabus of the textbook. Hence, students are highly recommended to practice on a daily basis to score high marks in their academics.

Practising these solutions offer proper guidance and thorough learning experience. This also helps them in building a foundation for higher level classes. Students can also make use of online learning materials which are designed based on the CBSE syllabus and NCERT curriculum. Diligent practice of previous year questions and sample papers provide an idea of the question pattern in the final exam. Students who are facing obstacles in solving tough problems are suggested to refer to these solutions for better guidance and for quick review.

Advantages of Reading NCERT Books

  • Provides in-depth understanding of complex concepts

NCERT Books explain all the concepts of textbooks in a comprehensive manner so that students are able to solve any problem with ease. The solutions are prepared in a simple language to help students clear their doubts instantly. Referring to these solutions while practising textbook questions also boosts conceptual knowledge among students.

  • Most of the questions asked in CBSE Board are from NCERT Books

Numerous questions are asked from NCERT Books in final examinations. Hence, students are suggested to practice exercise problems following NCERT Solutions for better academic performance. They can also cross check their answers referring to these solutions to analyse their area of weakness which needs more concentration.

  • NCERT Books strictly follow CBSE curriculum

Students who follow NCERT Books can solve any type of problems in exams no matter how twisted the question is asked. NCERT Solutions helps in deep learning of concepts and clear their confusion which arises while solving textbook problems. Students must accept the fact that content present in NCERT books are strictly in accordance with the CBSE curriculum.

  • NCERT Books are in simple language for better understanding

Students are highly recommended to follow NCERT books for better conceptual knowledge. The solutions are presented in a simple language with the aim of helping students to grasp the concepts effortlessly. Referring to these solutions students obtain an idea of various methods of solving the complex problems with ease.

  • NCERT Books help students to save a lot of time in exams

The solutions designed in simple language help students to grasp the concepts more effectively and solve the problems within a short period of time. The accurate solutions help them understand the concepts quickly. This helps them to save a lot of time in exams. Students who practice these solutions on a regular basis improve time management and problem solving skills which are crucial from an exam perspective.

Hence, NCERT Solutions are the best study source which boost exam preparation among students. In order to obtain proficiency in solving complex problems, students are highly recommended to practice these solutions right from the beginning of the academic year. NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 helps students to boost confidence in solving any tricky questions more effectively.