What Ingredients Makes Up Raspberry Ketone Supplements?

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If you’re reading this article, I want to ask you a quick question? Do you sometimes feel fat? Do you look yourself in a full body mirror, poke yourself in the stomach and say to yourself “I wish I could quickly lose this.”? Maybe you’ve tried jogging and setting up diets and exercise regimens, but you’re not seeing the results you want quickly enough. You start to feel self-conscious, and you casually abstain from skinny jeans, choosing baggy clothes that can easily hide your fat.

Then maybe you were spilling your problems to a sibling or a close friend, and they told you to try these things called Ketone Supplements.

But before you can thank this person for his sage and wonderful advice, you first have to ask: What are Ketone Supplements?

What are Ketone Supplements?

Raspberry Ketone (also known as scientifically as 4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one or Cetona de Frambuesa) is a compound that is usually extracted from red raspberries. The same chemical can also be gotten from other fruits like kiwi, apples, grapes, peaches and other berries. This compound contains enzymes that when ingested, helps to increase metabolism and burn fat in the body.

The chemical in itself achieves this by boosting Lipolysis in the body. Lipolysis is the chemical reaction that allows the body to burn fats and lipids into fatty acids. The ketones, therefore, boost this reaction, allowing your body to burn fat faster and with ease. Some people also apply it to their skin to deal with hair loss.

In a small study of ketones; it was discovered that people who took a specialized dosage of ketones to supplement their vitamin C daily lost most of their weight and fat. And all in the space of four weeks!

Ketones are known to be what gives raspberries their enticing odor, and can also be used to give flavor to such things as colas, cosmetics, and ice cream.

This validity of this claim is a bit questionable though, as most companies use synthetically made ketones since the actual extract is quite expensive ($20,000 per kilogram). Still, many people have testified that it is well worth the risk.



What Do Raspberry Ketones Do Exactly?

  • It Alleviates Hair Loss: Scientific research has shown that applying ketones to the scalp has a good chance of preventing hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It may also be of great help for people plagued with male pattern baldness.
  • Weight Loss: Research suggests that regular doses ketone supplements taken with vitamin C may help to increase metabolism in the body and burn fat cells, thereby largely enhancing weight loss, especially in overweight and obese people. It does so by boosting lipolysis in the body, which actively burns fat and oils in the body and converts them to fatty acids for later use. It also helps in the production of larger amounts of adiponectin, which helps to boost metabolism, regulate sugar levels and control cravings. Most ketone supplement brands usually mix ketones with other proven weight loss supplements like green tea extract and African mango. The effect of taking ketone alone is not clear.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Ketone Supplements?

When taken by mouth as part of a branded product that is either organic or mixed with other ingredients, then Raspberry Ketones are actually quite safe. One thousand milligram doses of a special formula mixed with caffeine and other supplements and antioxidants have been used quite safely twice every day for about seven weeks.

Of course, there is no conclusive evidence as to the safety of taking raspberry ketone in itself. Some concerned folks have noted its chemical similarities to a stimulant known as synephrine; so it is possible that the pure chemical can cause feelings of anxiety, increase in blood sugar and a precipitous heartbeat.

People diagnosed with diabetes have been advised to abstain from ketones since they have been known to lower blood sugar due to the increase in metabolism and lipolysis. In theory, this might cause the blood sugar of people on diabetic medications to drop too low for comfort.

Pregnant women or women who are still breastfeeding have also been advised to keep away from ketone supplements. Effects on unborn children or infant are still unknown, but could theoretically be adverse.

How Much of the Ketones Should I Take to Be Safe?

Nobody is really sure of the appropriate dosage of the supplement, as it depends on various factors ranging from age to health. Also, there is not enough scientific information at the moment to determine what dosages will be appropriate and what can be classified as an overdose. Just keep I mind that just because a drug is natural, doesn’t necessarily mean doses aren’t important. Make sure to follow the directions that are printed on the product labels, and be sure to consult a professional before consumption.

Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

Without reliable scientific information, it is hard to know if ketone supplements are really as effective as they say, or really how effective they are. While they really have been known to adequately aid weight loss, it is usually in conjunction with other weight loss supplements and exercises. It is not a miracle weight loss drug.

What are the Best Ketone Brands?

For information on the best Ketone Supplement Brands, refer to Best Raspberry Ketones.

In Conclusion

I really hope that this article on Ketone Supplements serves you very well if of course, you are in need of them. Just remember to use them carefully, and that they are no substitute for actual diet and exercise.

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