What the Heck Is A Raspberry Ketones Diet Meal Plan?

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Raspberry Ketones, which is the compound that gives red raspberries and other fruits their flavor and aroma, has gotten a bit of a popularity boost lately. This is mostly due to its benefits in weight loss and appetite, especially when combined with other supplements, vitamins, and a balanced diet.

How Raspberry Ketones Work

What this compound does when ingested is boosts lipolysis, the chemical reaction that breaks down fats and oils, and converts them to fatty acids. It also helps to control the secretion of adiponectin in the body. Adiponectin is a hormone in the body that causes the system to boost its metabolism, which in turn leads to the perpetual breakdown of fats in the body. Fat is then burnt faster and more effectively, inevitably leading to weight loss. Obesity and heart disease are usually attributed to a decrease in the amount of adiponectin being secreted.

Scientific experiments conducted on mice in the early 2000’s revealed that mice fed on a high-fat diet supplemented with raspberry ketones literally burned fast and increased metabolism faster than those on that same diet without the supplement.

It has a one hundred percent natural, organic formula. You could even mix them up with additional supplements or antioxidants like mango and caffeine for the maximum effect. You could go to your nearest pharmacy and purchase the pre-packaged supplements, or you could increase your fruit intake and get the ketones straight from the source (with no additives or preservatives whatsoever).

What is the Raspberry Ketone Diet Meal Plan?

The Raspberry Ketone Diet Meal Plan is a simple dieting system that allows you to incorporate Raspberry Ketone products with your recommended balance food plan that is rich in protein and carbs while low in fat. It can be taken daily, at doses depending on how much weight you would like to lose. You could also get special supplements, which help to keep the body tone while burning off fat.

Below, I have compiled a list of tips to guide you if you consider taking this amazing weight loss plan. If you follow these guidelines and do it well enough, you stand a chance of losing weight for times faster than the average Joe. It will also allow you to reach your dream weight, body shape, and size with little to no adverse side effects.

  • Reduce Carbs and Starchy Foods to about a Third of your Diet: If you make the effort to cut off carbohydrates like cereal, bread, pasta, potatoes and so on, you will actually reduce your chances of getting diabetes and other such diseases. Remember, the point of a ketone diet is to force your body to burn fat since it is automatically attuned to burn carbohydrates for sugar. Therefore, when you ingest fewer carbs, the body will switch to consuming excess fats. If you do feel the need to consume carbs, choose grains that are high in fiber.


  • Eat Lots of Fibers: I feel the need to reiterate this fact. It is actually quite important to your raspberry ketone diet. Children should eat at least 15 grams to 30 grams every day until they are 18. Adults should eat at least 30 grams daily.


  • Abstain from Skipping Breakfast: The importance of breakfast cannot actually be overemphasized. It is not called the “most important meal of the day” for nothing. A popular misconception is that it helps to lose weight: Don’t be deceived. IT DOES NOT! Quite ironically, skipping breakfast actually slows down your metabolism instead of speeding it up, essentially rendering your diet futile. Bottom line: if you feel the need to skip a meal, it better not be breakfast.


  • Drink More Water, and Try to Avoid Alcohol: This is actually a very important tip for anyone on any kind of diet, be it ketone or otherwise. Water is essentially the safest beverage for anyone who wants to lose weight and even helps to clean the toxins from your body as well hydrating you. When your bowels are clear, you will be able to pass out waste easily, and much more excess weight will be lost. Alcoholic drinks are generally a bad idea also, especially if you are on a diet. Excess alcohol has been known to damage the liver, and it is in the liver that fats are broken down.


  • Consume Healthier Sources of Fat, and Reduce Your Saturated Fat Intake: First, let me stop you there. Yes, there are very healthy sources of fat that are not as, well, fattening. For example, you could try taking unsaturated oils instead of butter or lard. You could also replace your fatty meats with nuts, seed, and even seafood, which is a much healthier form of protein. Reducing the number of saturated fats will also benefit you. Males should take no more than thirty grams a day, while females should only have twenty grams. Children should have much less than that.


  • Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables: You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the excess fat away. Not only do these provide you with a daily dose of fiber, but it also helps to clean the body. It is also very good for you immune and digestive system. Plus, most fruit already contains ketones, so…


  • Take Prescribed Raspberry Ketone Doses: For starters, you could take one dose of these Ketones before breakfast, then another after dinner. That’s already two doses a day.

In Conclusion

Besides adhering to the Raspberry Ketone Diet Meal Plan, it is advised that you also continue to exercise regularly. Raspberry ketones may seem like a miracle drug, but they still require some work to be effective, so be sure to be involved in as much activity as you can.

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