Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

What makes a ring an engagement ring?

Wearing and receiving an engagement ring is a fairly widespread tradition throughout the world, beyond race, religion, culture and nationality. However, a frequently asked question is: What constitutes an engagement ring? After all, if there are no conclusive specifications, then any old ring can be used and considered an engagement ring, right? Well, yes and no. Engagement rings differ from common rings and rings for other special occasions in different ways, but at the same time the genre is open to several interpretations, thus leaving the door open to different options that fit different budgets, tastes and styles. Here are some of the various definitions of what constitutes an engagement ring.

The cultural aspect

It is important to highlight that different cultures have different opinions and traditions regarding what an engagement ring should be and who should use it. In many western cultures, an engagement ring, usually made of gold or platinum and with a diamond, is given to women after having agreed to join in marriage. In some modern societies men also wear engagement rings that can include a diamond or other gems such as Pink Diamonds. However, in other cultures, both women and men wear the same rings after committing.

The religious aspect

There is a belief that says engagement rings originated from religion. Most people use them today for reasons of tradition and not as a result of some religious affiliation. However, in some religious cultures they prefer or require that these rings meet certain requirements, such as appearance or size, in order to respect traditions and symbols.

The social aspect

In some cultures society puts a high share of pressure on both men and women to buy and receive the largest and brightest pinks diamonds for the engagement ring. Advertising and media play an important role in this regard. But ultimately, beyond the pressure that the context may exert, the ideal would be that the criteria of the protagonists prevail.

A personal touch

This aspect is probably the most important in our times, since beyond the attachment to traditions; it is much more common to meet with those who prioritize personal preferences and tastes. Here the spectrum is very wide: there are those who choose colored gemstones instead of colorless diamonds or who do not fear sophistication and modernity and choose Fancy color diamonds with their wide range of colors and shades.

In modern times we see a wide variety of rings that are used for engagement, from the classic diamond solitaire to the vintage art deco or art nouveau ring, as well as colorful gemstones, etc. All these constitute engagement rings in modern terms, although in a traditional sense this type of ring carries at least one diamond or a precious gem mounted on a precious metal such as gold or platinum. But love is not expressed only with diamonds and precious metals, each person is naturally free and is able to express their commitment in the way they think best suits their personality.