London’s sales are soared

The number of apartments for sale in London falls under the existing question investor, placing an additional pressure on the prices of apartments in the capital. The opportunity to buy apartments on or near the background of the real estate market is a dream of investors, and as a result, property investors are taking apartments throughout London, before prices appreciate it.
But the offer of a new construction apartment in London, usually more common than homes due to the scarcity of land available in the city, has fallen in the light of recent economic agitation, and as a result, there are now fewer homes available for the sale.
Building about two-thirds of all new apartments purchased in London last year purchased by buying property investors, trapped by the best rental income, according to the Research Group of Properties, Molior London, which conducts extensive London’s market research 33 municipalities
He has a seminar  builders south east London who addresses addresses investors at the end of last year, Tim Crain De Molior London appeared on the enormous impact that investors abroad also had in the recovery of the real estate market, with a series of apartments sold is abroad citizens. The demand for investors of ever-growing features can lead to a strong growth in the prices of the property in the coming year.
Savills project that the average property values ​​in the UK could arise up to 27% in 2015, with the highest profits, 35%, in London, mainly due to a shortage of new apartments and homes sold in the market. If needed, it will represent an increase of nearly 8% in maximum market prices at the end of 2007.
In fact, with residential demand at UP, there is proof that some London apartments are currently for sale has already been received surveillance of what they would have reached at the top of the market in 2007. Peter Rollings, managing director, said: “We have many examples of features that sell and continue to sell for more than they did in 2007”.

He added: [Property prices] in London In my opinion, the year ended [2009] With the prices 10% increased to 12% of the minimum, with much larger profits for some of the properties A1, apartments and homes In excellent places that meet all the necessary criteria “.

While the prospect of rapid growth in London properties prices can encourage more owners of existing housing to buy their apartments, it will come as an additional source of concern for buyers for the first time they can no longer pay what first IMPORTANT STEP ON THE LEARNING OF THE HOUSE. Fortunately, an increasing number of sales of London apartments is available via several affordable housing schemes, which show great success with buyers for the first time. The home and community agency recently confirmed financial support that will unlock more than 10,000 new homes and apartments by several affordable housing initiatives, offering homes for sale on a capital stock base. The construction of more apartments in London will also help to reduce waiting lists for housing, which is currently over time in many London municipalities. By enabling the home builders to build more homes and apartments, including affordable units, expect advice that it drastically reduces those who expect permanent accommodation. To deliver greater decision-making powers to local authorities, with regard to the construction of new construction houses, is an important conservative party policy that can exceed the volume of apartments in London. If the Tories in the government are selected in the general election this year, they confirm that their local initiative will improve the planning system by encouraging housing builders to build more newly built apartments in London, along with other parts of the country. The proposal was well received by a series of real estate companies, such as the British earth. Chris Grigg, executive director of the British land, said: “Elimination of development and growth charges must be near the top of the agenda that earns the next election.