Heathrow Express taxi?

Heathrow Express trains provide highly efficient service, allowing thousands of passengers to travel from central London to Heathrow, London’s largest airport. According to their own website, trains operate 99.9% of the time scheduled and are the leading train companies in the UK. While traveling to the airport individually is very cost effective, it is less well known and the taxi option is overlooked as more effective when traveling in large groups than individuals. It Heathrow taxi tends to be.
Is a taxi cheaper than a train for two or more people to Heathrow Airport (any terminal)? Now let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

Heathrow Express Tickets: £ 16.50 per person
Typical taxi to Heathrow (Salon): £ 34 For two people, the Heathrow Express totals £ 32 (with a small discount) and the Heathrow taxi costs only £ 34. You can only save £ 2 but £ 2 is also useful: you don’t have to drag your bag to the station, door-to-door service, music, car comfort and heat from the car heater ( That’s good, this may be overkill for some cars). Source: Heathrow Taxi Quotes Withdrawn from This Heathrow Taxi Website. From the figure above, you can clearly see that the minibus option is much cheaper and obviously more convenient when three or more people are traveling. The Heathrow Express marketing genius doesn’t always look good, but I have to admit that I used the train and come to a conclusion, which is great!

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